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Copy My Ring

is a custom service that creates a duplicate version of your engagement, heirloom and antique rings for worry-free use. Our experienced staff of designers utilize the images you upload and create a replica design using cubic zirconia and other simulated gems in base metal. The purpose of this replica is to have the same look of your expensive ring to wear when traveling, at the beach or any special event where you may be concerned about losing your precious keepsake but without the worry. Meanwhile vacation pictures will still show you wearing your treasured ring - sunbathing on the cruise, wine tasting, along the shopping strip or at the reunion - no matter where you go your artistic replica will be the "stand in," enabling freedom and peace of mind.

It's the best kept secret in celebrity circles: leave your diamonds at home and adorn your duplicate ring for photo-ops and complex airport travel. Maintain the elegance you're accustomed to without having to worry about a loss or stolen property. And with CopyMyRing.com, your signature style doesn't have to be compromised. We specialize in taking the conceptual look and details of your rings and duplicating the setting, style and simulating the diamonds using alternative stones. Many of our VIP clients seek to reproduce precious family heirlooms to prevent wear and tear then leave the original tucked away in a safety deposit box.